Who thought that

one needs to bring warm clothes and especially warm shoes to South Africa?  But after the first winter in Johannesburg it was very clear – without warm boots it does not work!

Faced with the challenge of finding cool and at the same time warm shoes, we, Sandra and Daniel Stahljans, met Andy Thuysman in the South African winter 2015 in the surfing hotspot Jeffreys Bay – mostly called J-Bay. Andy himself is a passionate surfer and founded the company IN-STEP Leathercraft in Jeffreys Bay back in 1968.

The legendary JBAYBOOTS®

have long been a classic in South Africa, because Andy had already designed his “In-Step Surfing Boots” in the early 1970s and sold them to surfers who wanted to warm their feet after the surf.

The surfers on the ground love the boots for their warmth and durability; In addition, lovers of a relaxed lifestyle feel stoked about the iconic boots.